In the last 30 years, healthcare costs have doubled every decade. This comes as no surprise to anyone who’s visited a doctor lately. The noise around rising prices is deafening, and patients and doctors alike are looking for a solution.

We have it.


FairPrice is built on Reference-Based Pricing (RBP), an insurance method that uses fixed payment rates as a baseline.

Each insurance plan has a maximum percentage it will pay. Doctors and healthcare providers determine their percentage based on their location, service, and expertise.

This means patients know what they’ll pay before their treatment, not after.


Let’s say a reference-based pricing insurance plan will pay up to 120% of an agreed upon price. For doctors that accept 120% or less, the insurance plan will pay the full amount minus any applicable copay.

If the doctor accepts 121% or higher, the plan will pay 120% minus any applicable copay and the consumer will pay the difference, known as the patient’s responsibility.

What does this mean for you?

You can save over 30% on your annual healthcare spend.

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