See if this sounds familiar: You contract with a new insurance carrier that promises substantial savings for your company. But a year later, you’re paying exponentially more. You find another insurance carrier, and the same thing happens. Repeat ad nauseam.

We help stop the cycle so you can control your company’s health insurance costs.


Guidance – Industry-leading technology platform
FairPricing – Proprietary reimbursement model
Safe Harbor Providers – Employees know where to go
Advocacy – Legal Advocacy
Social – Enable employees to offer guidance to one another
Education – Easy to understand education
Concierge – White Glove service when employees need help
Protection – Insurance Protection against balance bills


Proprietary methodology to establish FAIR reimbursements to providers.  Market pricing is different as % of Medicare Reimbursement Based Pricing for each market.

Actuarial analyses from two leading actuarial firms have informed and validated the reimbursement approach and benefit relativities.

Why else do Providers like FairPrice pricing? 

Clear out-of-pocket obligations, simpler plan designs and fewer rules, lower copays for high-frequency high value services, FairPrice’s focus on increasing the number of comprehensively insured patients in the small to medium sized business market.

Ready to start saving?

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