How Fairprice Works

1. Get Started.

Companies that have made the switch to FairPrice are saving as much as 30% in their first year, with compounded savings in the years that follow. Interested in hearing more? We’d love to talk about getting your employees on FairPrice.

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How Fairprice Works

2. Employees Claim Account

Once your company has signed up, your employees will be able to claim their account and take advantage of our provider search. Our proprietary platform gives your employee’s access to the services needed for a reference based pricing plan, so not only will we save money but your employees can have a good experience, too.

Employee Account Claim

3. Search for a Provider.

Once your employees have claimed their accounts, they’re ready to roll. We’ve created a modern, searchable database to help employees find doctors in their area by specialty, complete with 100% authentic reviews from their peers.

Provider Search

4. Invite Providers + Facilities

Have a favorite provider who’s not accepting FairPrice yet? No problem. We’ve made it easy for them to join. Just send an invite to them from the Doctor Profile Page, and we’ll take it from there.