How FairPrice Works

1. Get Started.

Let your employer know you want to save 20-30% and more on your health insurance. Then, we can share with them how FairPrice can save them money too.

Tell your HR Team you’re interested

How FairPrice Works

2. Claim your Account.

Once your company has signed up, you will be able to claim your account and take advantage of our provider search.  Our proprietary platform gives you access to the services needed for a reference based pricing plan, so not only will you save money but you can have a good experience too.

Claim your Account

3. Search for a Provider.

Once you’ve claimed your account, you’re ready to roll. We’ve created a modern searchable platform to help you find providers in your area by specialty, zip code and other data to help you find the provider that is right for you and your dependents.

Provider Search

4. Invite Your Doc.

Have a favorite doctor who does not have FairPrice yet? No problem, we make it easy. Just send an invite from the FairPrice doctor profile page, and we’ll take it from there.