FairPrice Network Disrupts Health Insurance Industry by Offering Convenience, Choice and Change for Providers and Patients

New social network seamlessly connects healthcare providers with patients using reference-based pricing insurance

AUSTIN, TX (October 18, 2016) – FairPrice Network, a social community for healthcare providers and patients using reference-based pricing (RBP) insurance, has unveiled the next generation of medical coverage through its proprietary network. The company, founded by a team of Austin executives with decades of experience in technology and insurance, is positioned to battle the cost of healthcare with transparency and fairness.

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FairPrice Network leverages a database to connect the customer to the information they need to choose based on geography, quality, or cost, all in a user-friendly system. The result, a baseline that patients understand to deliver real savings to employers all while working with the provider community on a common goal – affordable and reliable healthcare for our future.

Thousands of healthcare providers and patients already in the FairPrice Network have experienced:

  • Convenience – Use of RBP among large employers is growing at a rapid pace. In order to make the transition to RBP painless and seamless, FairPrice Network combines the old and the new, creating a marketplace that provides patients with information that allows them to make educated decisions when selecting healthcare.
  • Choice – There is a growing demand for transparency in medical services and RBP addresses that issue for employers and employees. This tool enables patients to choose their provider and search other local providers based on real patient reviews and up-front pricing.
  • Change – The disparity in cost from one medical service provider to the next is vast and most patients don’t know how much a service will cost until after it is incurred. FairPrice Network eliminates the uncertainty of pricing and establishes a demand for transparency in the industry.

“As the cost of health care in the U.S. continues to soar, we recognized the need for comprehensible health care pricing in one place,” said James Patton, CEO and co-founder of FairPrice Network. “We created FairPrice Network to address the lack of transparency in healthcare spending by offering a patient-first approach.”

Last year alone, more than 60 percent of bankruptcies were due to medical bills. FairPrice Network empowers patients to take control over their health care spending by shopping around for health care services. By connecting patients with physicians and medical service providers, FairPrice Network brings clarity and fosters trust between patients, doctors and hospitals.

About FairPrice Network

Our mission is to provide a community of social change for companies and their employees by creating opportunities for them to access the quality care they need at a fair price. Our innovative platform breaks down barriers within the healthcare system to provide a lower cost for employers and greater control for employees by utilizing Medicare Reference Based Pricing. FairPrice Network spans thousands of employers, employees, physicians and medical care services working together to improve the status of our healthcare system.